(Latinica) Održan VI „Drinski kotlić“ u Višegradu

(Latinica) U Višegradu je održana šesta po redu gastronomsko-turistička manifestacija „Drinski kotlić“.


(Latinica) Dani Srpske u Srbiji 2017.

(Latinica) Načelnik opštine Višegrad Mladen Đurević, sa saradnicima i predstavnikom Turističke organizacije opštine Višegrad, prisustvovao je otvaranju manifestacije „Dani Srpske u Srbiji“.


Announcement of the event Drina fish pot 2017.

This year’s event “Drina fish pot 2017.” organized by Tourist Organization of Visegrad will be held on 17.9.2017


Souvenir sellers in Visegrad gets new wooden houses for selling

Souvenir sellers in Visegrad gets 19 wooden houses for selling


Steam train riede to Visegrad

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Charter train ride tomorrow from Mokra Gora to Dobrun and Visegrad

The Serbian Railways company organizes a charter ride on the Nostalgia train on August 28, 2017


International Art Assembly opened last night in Visegrad

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The best tourist season in Visegrad

This is a record tourist season in Visegrad, most of the visitors comes from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Japan, said the director of the Tourist Organization of Visegrad Olivera



Licider heart festival in Visegrad PHOTO

Photos of defile and festival concert in Visegrad, August 16th 2017.


Participants of the folklore festival Licider Heart in Visegrad today

The concert of the folklore ensemble is scheduled at 7:00 PM in Andricgrad.


24th Visegrad Art Assembly will be held from 25 to 29 August

The creators will search for motifs for works of art in the Dobrun Monastery, on the Old Town Old Bridge, in Andricgrad,


Photo contest “Trace of soul” 2017.

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IX International Children’s folklore dance festival “Licider Heart ” 2017-PROGRAMM

From 14th to 18th of August Uzice Zlatibor and Visegrad are hosting the IX International Folklore Festival “Licider heart”


Exhibition “Art and Wine” and the Festival of Sumadija Wines

Andrictown as host and Sumadija as guest for the third year in a row, in Andrictown on July 29th in the evening called “Sumadija in Andrictown “, organize a special feast for art and wine worshipers, as well as fans of jazz, blues and evergreen music.


Mladen Cvetkovic took first prize in high diving from the old bridge

Mladen Cvetkovic from Kragujevac was the best at the sports and tourism event “High diving from the bridge on the Drina.”
The second place came to Rade Scepanovic from Kolasin, and the third to Dino Bajric from Sarajevo.


Announcement of the concert – Rock Band “Bajaga i Instruktori “

As a part of the celebration of the Vidovdan festivities on Wednesday, 28th June 2017, starting at 10.30 pm, the Andrictown stadium will host a concert of the rock band Bajaga and instructors.


Program of the 40th manifestation “Visegrad path”

Detailed Program of the 40th manifestation “Visegrad path”


Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic finally looks at his bridge

The monument to Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic is set up today in the Street “Druga Podrinjska brigada”, in Visegrad. The municipality is the main organizer of this project.

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