Short tourist boat rides on the Drina river

For all Visegrad visitors of our town who want to enjoy the Drina River, to see Visegrad from the water, make photos of the old bridge and Andricgrad, but do not have time for longer cruises on the Drina river, we suggest to spend half an hour for a short drive by some of the small tourist boats, which are in function larger part of the year. The usual ride takes 30 minutes, and it includes driving through the arches of the old bridge and arround the Andricgrad complex.


River bus

+387 66 39 39 82; +387 65 538 959; FB: River Bus Visegrad


Marina travel

+387 65 044 735; +387 66 618 232;  FB: Marina Travel



+387 66 949 580;;  Fb: Brod Ciro Visegrad


Instagram @visegradturizam