Orthodox New Year’s Eve

January 13th
A traditional welcome of the Orthodox New Year is organized by the Municipality of Visegrad
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Kayak canoe regatta “Admiral Kuk”

end of April
Association "Serbian rowers" from Belgrade organizes memorial Drina-Sava kayak kanu regatta, Vitomir Dizdarević - Admiral Kuk.
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International Folklore Festival

Festival, which is held every year in May, and gathers folklore societies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, countries of the former Yugoslavia and other Slovenian countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.). It has been held since 2003.
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Visegrad Beans pot

25. May
Event gathers participants from Visegrad and the region, who compete in the cooking the best bean pot, traditionally in a kettle on a fire.
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The golden hands of the Drina region

June 8th 2019.
the exhibition at the bridge on the Drina attracts all those who are interested in preserving traditional crafts, as well as promotion of the masterful artworks and their rich offer of products
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Visegrad path

The most important cultural event in Visegrad is dedicated to the life and work of our Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric.
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June 28th
Vidovdan is celebrated on June 28 every year as the anniversary of the construction of Andrictown.
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Book Fair

Many publishers from Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro participate in the fair.
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Visegrad regatta

first Saturday in july
The Visegrad regatta is held every year, the first Saturday of the month of July
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Motorbike assembly

Begining of July
Each year, a motorcycle gathering is held in Visegrad, which gathers a large number of bikers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia.
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High diving competition from the old bridge

The jumps are held every year, on the second Saturday in July and gather competitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.
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Licider heart

August 17th
"Licider heart" is the International Children's folklore dance festival which is traditionally held every year in mid-August
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Дрина вибес

August 23-24th
Electronic music festival
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The Assumption of the Mother of God – National Fair in Dobrun Monastery

August 28th
Every year on the 28th of August, the Dobrun Monastery, 12 km away from Visegrad, traditionally celebrates its slava - The Assumption of the Mother of God
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International art assembly

End of August
It has been held since 1993, and every year at the beginning of August it gathers famous fine artists from 15 countries.
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The Drina fish pot

Participation in the competition part involves the cooking of traditional fish soup, in a kettle on fire,
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Wine and cheese festival

August 31st and September 1st 2019.
For the first time in Visegrad, the festival will gather producers of autochthonous wines from the region, as well as small producers of cheese.
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The Memorial basketball tournament “Rade Stanimirovic”

It has been held for 10 years, as a memorial to the basketball player Rade Stanimirovic, who was killed in the previous war.
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Honey fair

Fair of honey and bee products, as well as the equipment for beekeeping, with more than 30 beekeepers from Serbia, Montenegro and BiH,
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Festival of the traditional Serbian singing

September 15th 2019.
The program includes the performance of  the traditional songs, as well as performances of gusle music players from the region.
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Celebration of the Nativity of the Mother of God – National Fair-Day of the Municipality

September 21st
A solemn liturgy and breaking of the Slavic cake is marked by the Nativity of the Mother of God, the patron saint of the Municipality of Visegrad
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Handicrafts exhibition SOKO

September 28th 2019.
Exhibition of the traditional handicrafts of members of the women's section of the Serbian Association Soko, Dobrun-Visegrad.
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Craft beer festival

October 11th and 12th 2019.
The first craft beer festival in Visegrad, an opportunity for all visitors to get familiar with the way of production, as well as to taste the best craft beers from the region.
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The Memorial karate tournament “Vidoje Andric”

It is held every year in October, in memory of the long-time competitor and coach of the Karate Club "Drina" Vidoje Andric.
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Christmas tournament in small football (regional tournament)

Regional tournament, which is held at the beginning of January, organized by the Sports Association of Visegrad.
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Visegrad winter days

The event program is intended primarily for the youngest, fun and music programs, performances...
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