Christmas tournament in small football (regional tournament)

Regional tournament, which is held at the beginning of January, organized by the Sports Association of Visegrad.

Matches are played at the Sports Hall in Visegrad according to the Propositions for Small Football, by the Football Association of RS.

For the best players, scorers and teams, the organizer provides valuable cash prizes.

Hunter’s night

January 11th 2020.
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Visegrad Beans pot

May 23rd 2020. CANCELED
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Visegrad path

29-31. May 2020.
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June 28th
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Visegrad regatta

First Saturday in july (CANCELED)
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Motorbike assembly

Begining of July
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Licider heart

Middle of August
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Drina vibes

August 15th 2020. (CANCELED)
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Festival sira i vina

22. avgust 2020. (CANCELED)
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The Drina fish pot

September 12th 2020. (CANCELED)
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