Memorial classroom of Ivo Andric

It is located in the city center, 500 meters from the bridge on the Drina. In 1892, in this place, the Basic National School was opened, and one of those who had learned the first letters here was our Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric. In order to pay off the part of the obligation to Nobel laureate who celebrated Visegrad, in 2008 the inhabitants of Visegrad founded a memorial classroom, which includes the setting of a school classroom from the beginning of the 19th century, as well as Andric’s photographs from Visegrad.
The memorial classroom is within the “Visegrad Culture Center” , so you can get all the information about visiting the Andric classroom at the Cultural Center, which is located in the neighboring building.

Contact :

+ 387 58 620 271
+ 387 65 496 240