Restaurant Zlatna Moruna

Restaurant “Zlatna Moruna” is located in the main entrance tower of Andrićgrad was named after once famous Belgrade restaurant “Zlatna Moruna”, in which gathered members of the “Mlada Bosna” before the First World War.
The walls of this, very unusual restaurant was painted with paintings by a well-known artist Bisenija Terescenko, the author of the famous mosaics at the “Mlada Bosna” Street in this complex, in which the characters, Gavrilo Princip and members of “Mlada Bosna”, have been immortalized.
The first guests of the “Zlatna Moruna” were participants of the eighth film-music festival “Kustendorf”, which was held in late January in Mećavnik in Mokra Gora, among whom was the famous American director of Mexican origin, Alfonso Cuarón famous Russian Nikita Mikhalkov.