International Folklore Festival

Association “Bikavac” is the organizer of the International Folklore Festival, which is held every year in May, and gathers folklore societies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, countries of the former Yugoslavia and other Slovenian countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.). It has been held since 2003.

The association operates under the auspices of the Dobrun Monastery. It was founded with the goal of fostering spiritual, cultural and sporting tradition. This association was founded in 1908 and renovated in 2001. It has about 400 members. Actively works ” KUD Soko”, Gallery also sections: domestic work, sports, publishing and eco section.

Visegrad path

June 10-11th 2022.
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June 28th
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Visegrad regatta

First Saturday in july
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Motorbike assembly

Begining of July
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Licider heart

Middle of August
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