Motel Aura

”Аura“ motel is located on the regional road М5, Belgrade – Тrebinje, on the left side of the Drina River, close to petrol and gas station, car mechanics and tire workshops in nice location for transit passengers.

On its disposal “Аura“ has 9 rooms (single bed, double and double room with queen size bed), which in total makes 20 beds.

All rooms are equipped according to European standards, with: automatic central heating, toilet with centrally provided hot water, air-conditioner, cable TV, mini-bar, and balcony. Motel has its own parking space and video surveillance system in place.

The restaurant offers rich wine list, and variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cold served and cooked dishes, ready-made dishes, grill specialties, venery and fish specialties.

As a special feature we organize daily cruises in the Drina River canyon, according to customized schedule, with a special discount for hunters and fishermen.

Keeping in mind that “Aura” motel was established as a family run business, therefore we consider our guests as our friends, and hosts become their companions during those tours through the history of Visegrad.