Rural household and camp Stari Brod

The rural household-Camp Stari Brod is located in the village of Djurevici, the hamlet of Ristici, at the very entrance to the canyon of the Drina river, 17 km downstream from Visegrad. Within the Camp Stari Brod there is a restaurant with a capacity of 50 seats, with an enchanting view of the Drina river. Traditional lamb and veal meat under the bell, Drina fish, barbecue, homemade bread and much more prepared according to traditional recipes with a lot of effort and love. You can also feel this region through traditional drinks, such as plum brandy, pear and apple brandy, made from local varieties of fruit. The eco camp has two accommodation facilities – a new and an old house. The new house has two separate units – an apartment of 50 m2 with a capacity of four beds and an upper floor of 36 m2 with four beds. Both units have a separate bathroom. The rooms are stylishly furnished, fully adapted for relaxation and a pleasant stay. The capacity of the old house is 5 beds. Guests of Camp Stari Brod also have at their disposal the tourist boat “Sonja” intended for cruising the Drina River Canyon (Visegrad – Perucac 54 km, Visegrad – Camp “Stari Brod” 17 km). The boat “Sonja” can accommodate 45 passengers, with the possibility of serving food in a pleasant atmosphere with live music upon arrangement.

The easiest way to reach the Stari Brod household is by the Drina river, since the owners also have their own tourist boat. The other option is to take the 17 km long road, of which 12 km is the asphalt road to the village of Prelovo, and then continue on the gravel road. This part of the road is suitable for off-road or older vehicles, and with the agreement of the household owners, they can organize transportation to Stari Brod.