A church anniversary will be held in Andrictown on Thursday


A church anniversary will be held in Andrictown on Thursday, June 27th 2019. marking the 800th years of the independence of the Serbian Orthodox Church / SPC / and the establishment of the Dabrobosanian Metropolitan.

Priest Aleksandar Topalović told that that this is the first event in the series and that the next will be held in Pale, Foca, East Sarajevo and Zenica. He said that the announcers at the ceremonial academy will be His Highness Dabrobosanian Metropolitan Chrysostom, professor at the Law Faculty of the University of East Sarajevo Dimitrije Ceranic.

Choir Srbadija from Bijeljina will participate in the cultural program, chamber of the Music Academy for church poetry from East Sarajevo and Choir Sloga from Sarajevo which was founded in 1888.

A renowned drama actor from Belgrade, Lazar Dubovac will speak the St. Sava seremon and the songs dedicated to the establishment of the Church and its influence on the Serbian people.

Topalovic added that on Friday, June 28, on Vidovdan, on the occasion of the glory of the Temple of the Holy Czar Lazar in Andrictown, the Metropolitan Chrysostom will serve the Holy Archdiocese at 9.00, followed by the sharing of the feast bread. The consecration of the foundation for the bell tower next to the Temple is scheduled at 11.00, after which a commemoration to a Serbian soldiers will be held at the town square.

The Mayor of Visegrad, Mladen Djurevic, invited everyone to attend the ceremonial academy and enhance the significance of this anniversary.