Participants of the folklore festival Licider Heart in Visegrad today


Opening ceremony of the The IX International Folklore Festival “Licider Heart” was held in in Uzice on Monday. Festival is attended by 10 countries from three continents and a total of about 1000 participants from Peru, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Republic of Srpska and Serbia.
Within the festival, the Fair of Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Tourism and Culture is held. The representatives of the Visegrad Municipality, the Tourist Organization Visegrad and the Institute for the Protection of Women’s Children and Youth also toook part in the fair.
The folklore workshop of participants from Poland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia will be held today at 12 o’clock at the parking lot on the town square, and the formal defile of the participants will be held from 18:30 hrs strarting from the Mehmed pasha bridge. The concert of the folklore ensemble is scheduled at 7:00 PM in Andricgrad.