Visegrad regatta on Saturday, 1th July


The tourist event “Visegrad regata”, which is expected to be attended by around 300 participants, will be held on Saturday, 1th July , said Olivera Todorovic, the director of the Tourist Organization Visegrad.
The objective of the event is to promote the Drina River and the natural beauty of Visegrad and its surroundings. However, the Drina lovers, fishermen, lovers of socializing and nature gather at this regatta.
The manifestation is of an entertaining character, but  it also has an ecological character, in order to point out the fact that the river Drina must not be contaminated and must be preserved.
The inhabitants in this way associate and promote the Drina and its surroundings, and visit the memorial chapel Stari Brod, where innocent Serb victims were killed in the Second World War.
The sports competitions will also be held such as: rope overflow, running in bags, competition in fast beer drinking and competition in carrying eggs in porridge.
“We expect to include all owners of vessels and ships, which are increasingly in Visegrad, and we hope that there will be about 40 vessels and about 300 participants”,  added Todorovic.
She said that the winners in all competitions will be rewarded with cups, and that the participants of the regatta will wear promotional t-shirts.
The organizer of the event is the Tourist Organization of Visegrad, and the sponsor is the municipality of Visegrad.