The best tourist season in Visegrad


This is a record tourist season in Visegrad, most of the visitors comes from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Japan, said the director of the Tourist Organization of Visegrad Olivera


She pointed out increased number of overnight stays in accommodation facilities, as well as catering facilities in the municipality of Visegrad, compared to the numbers in a previous tourist


“Particularly important is the fact that the length of stay of tourists has increased, thanks to the new content that is promoted by the municipality of Visegrad,” added Todorovic.

She stated that the Tourist Organization of Visegrad, in cooperation with the municipality, provided houses for souvenir sellers in order to contribute to the aesthetic arrangement of the city.

Todorovic says that the main motive for visiting tourists is Visegrad and Andricgrad complex, and that other attractions are complementary sites for providing more contents for better quality

time spent in Visegrad.

“It is a cruise on the Drina River, a visit to the Dobrun Monastery, a visit to cultural sites in the city, as well as tourist events,” Todorovic said.

She emphasizes that transit and excursion tourism is still prevalent, with an increase in the number of organized tourist groups coming from tourist agencies from year to year.

“Organized groups from Serbia visit Visegrad, Trebinje and Sarajevo. During the whole year, there is an increase in the number of arrivals of excursion groups staying at Zlatibor and Tara, and

one day of their vacation is planned for visiting Visegrad. In addition to the bus groups, manyorganized tourist groups from the Tara mountain comes to Visegrad by cruising along the Drina

river canyon, “Todorovic said.

According to her, from the Republic of Srpska, many school excursions are organized to Visegrad, as well as trade unions and various associations that organize a visit for their members.

“Guests from other countries are the mostly young people who use private accommodation booked in advance through the Internet,” Todorovic added.